General Science – Physics Study material in Telugu

General Science – Physics Study material in Telugu:

In competitive exams General Science is the major topic. From General science in every exam  definitely having 10-15 questions so we need to study in depth of the subject. In competitive exam questions will asked daily life related only.

General Science is contains three subjects which are Biology,Physics,Chemistry. In these three topics Biology playing a big role but you should learn also physics and chemistry. In this post we provided study material for the Physics topic “mana vishvam”.

We also providing educational videos for the competitive exams like appsc,tspsc,dsc,vro,vra,panchayat raj secretary,si,police constabel exams.

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Physics – Study Material – Mana vishvam Download pdf 

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  1. namaskaram sir….
    STUDYMATIRIAL Physical Science lo mana vishvam ,guruthvakendram matrame topics unnai
    migitha topics kuda pettandi sir…..

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